19 February--28 August 2009 (Monday through Friday from 8:30 am--5:00pm)

The Walkway

The Gateway, Maidstone Borough Council, King Street, Maidstone

 "Mountains have strangely shaped peaks and water also has strangely shaped peaks. Rocks are like great billows that roll and smash against mountains. When the moon is reflected on water, the waves are like galloping white horses, and at that moment one sees lofty mountains and peaks in their full grandeur... When Cao Renxi painted water, he filled it with ten thousand currents."

--Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting

This collaboration for the magnificent new Walkway Gallery, with its imposing length of wall (about 30 meters), presents an appealing challenge with some unique opportunities. Dydo and Haire have not only made large-scale paintings and a soundscape the length of the gallery, but have developed a progression that visitors follow as they walk from one end to the other. The continuum of paintings is like a gigantic Chinese hand scroll, unfolding its narrative.

Progression 3: 2009, acrylic on canvas




The Walkway gallery with two of the three paintings visible. You can also see four of the seven KEF loudspeakers, above.

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